Defending Yourself From Becoming a Forgery Victim

By: Antonia Klekoda Baker

Poet Robert Burns once wrote, “Even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!” And, so can your notion that your handwriting and/or signature cannot be forged become a myth.

Many a person will say, “No one can even read my signature, let alone copy it — ha ha ha !”

Many people in this century have designed their signature to be nothing more than to a scrawl and a swirl. They even place that same signature on their driver’s license and deed to their house — not to mention a thousand and one business deals.

Their friends and associates will get so used to seeing that particular emblem of reference to a person’s name, that any similar scribbled manifestation found on some document automatically will be considered valid.

It takes an experienced Handwriting Expert to be able to determine the legitimacy of such a doodle and authenticate it so that the right heir receives the half-million dollar legacy.

But, that Handwriting Expert may even have a problem in certifying your signature! Remember the famous Lindbergh Kidnapping ransom note case where countless Handwriting Experts had differing opinions about the penmanship and the authors of same?

Do not take your signature for granted. Use the services of a notary and be sure that you sign in on the notary sheet when you bear witness to some important negotiation. Above all, stay consistent in your signature so that you establish a basic representation of your autograph.