Antonia began her work in handwriting analysis in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the encouragement of prominent attorneys. She was directed to professional mentors whom, in turn, directed her to study with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DOCUMENT EXAMINERS which was based in Washington, D.C..

President Gerald R. Ford personally supported her endeavors in document examination.

The following years found Antonia doing research and extensive writing about document examination. Her findings have been included in the works of other prominent handwriting analysis professionals.

Presently, she is a 12-year resident of Las Vegas, Nevada with National and International contacts in Handwriting Investigation. Antonia is a Handwriting Authority and Document Examination Expert who regularly testifies in Probate, Circuit, District, Family and Federal Court.

Antonia is an outstanding qualified professional who will serve you and/or your clients exceptionally well, no matter what your document examination and handwriting analysis needs are!