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Antonia M. Klekoda-Baker has been a Forensic Document Examiner and Handwriting Analysis expert since June of 1971. She has qualified as an Expert Witness and Questioned Document Examiner in Municipal, Probate, Circuit, and Federal Courts in Michigan and Nevada.

Antonia’s opinions have been presented to courts in West Germany, Hawaii, Canada, Ethiopia, and Trinidad. Antonia has professional contacts in England and Oslo, Norway. US Customs Department Officials in Miami, Florida regularly seek her conclusions. Antonia has been a Confidential Specialist Consultant to Wisconsin Public Officials in matters of Poison Pen Letters. Her opinions have been sought by authorities in California, Utah, New Jersey, Washington, and the Dakotas.

Antonia has testified in Murder trials in Michigan as well as providing expert testimony against culpable members of the State Police department. Antonia has testified in Teamsters and UAW-CIO Contract Disputes and Work Infractions. In 1988, Antonia provided valuable Expert Forensic Handwriting Analysis Evidence and Court Testimony to protect Federal Land from being seized by fraudulent conspirators in the famous Joseph Cizaukas case in Michigan.

While a member of the Certified Fraud Examiners of Las Vegas her informative article on Handwriting Identification was published in their official edition.

Las Vegas Judges periodically appoint Antonia to be the Handwriting Analysis Expert in Cases of Questioned Documents. Antonia repeatedly is called to perform Handwriting Investigations for the Federal Public Defender.

Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Grand Rapids Junior College;
Davenport Business College of Michigan.

Antonia began her work in Document Examination under the tutoring of skilled Document Examination Authority in Washington DC. She studied Secret Service methods in Forensic Training Courses taught by Police Personnel in Colorado. She has Certificates in Forensic Document Examination and Investigative Procedures. Her studies included attending Classes, Workshops, Seminars, and Testing in:

1.) Washington DC under the direction of FBI Teachers;
2.) Denver, CO which hosted Law Enforcement Educators;
3.) Santa Monica, CA where Forensic Specialists provided Instruction;
4.) Atlanta, GA where Established Noted Attorneys presided over Training in Trial Disciplines.

Her studies included the following:

Disguise In Handwriting
Child custody Disputes
Effects of Medication/Drugs/Disease On Writing
Typewriter Comparisons
Expert Witness Programs
Anonymous Hate Notes
Medical Authorizations
Real Estate Documents
Paper, Age, Contents, Watermarks
Ink, Separation and Dating
Bank Signature Cards
Scientific Examination of Documents
Internal Sabotage/Theft
Identification of Handlettering, Printscript/Numerals
Forensic Photography
Desktop forgery
Death Threats


  • 1985 International Handwriting Analysts Recognition
  • 1985 American Society of Safety Engineers Award for Forensic Handwriting Analysis Testimony.
  • 1986 Data Processing Management Award for Handwriting Expertise in Company Investigations.
  • 1987 American Legion Award for Outstanding Professional Services
  • 1987 Keynote Speaker in Washington DC on Document Examination
  • 1987 Membership/Certification in National Document Examiners Associations
  • 1988 Conducted Seminars in San Jose,CA on Document Examination
  • 1988 Technical Writings on Document Examination presented to Library of Congress.
  • 1990 Listed in Who’s Who Of American Women.
  • 1990 Educational Chairman National Assoc. Document Examiners.
  • 1990 Board of Directors — National Assoc. of Document Examiners.
  • 1990 Board of Examiners — National Assoc. of Document Examiners
  • 1991 Re-Wrote By-laws for National Assoc. of Document Examiners.
  • 1991 Educational Speaker at National Document Examiners’ Conference in Santa Monica, CA
  • 1991 Presidential Nominee — National Assoc. Document Examiners.
  • 1991 Articles and books accepted in National Handwriting Analysis Research Library.
  • UPI Liaison –Over 4000 Published Works, National and International.
  • 1996-1998 — Member Certified Fraud Examiners – Las Vegas,NV.

Antonia was the President of ANTONIA’S CERTIFIED HANDWRITING ANALYSIS SERVICE, incorporated in Michigan for 26 years before moving to Las Vegas in 1996 to be a permanent resident. She provides professional validation in Forgery Identification, Court Testimony, Historical Writing Verification, Study of Antique Markings, and Anonymous Mail — along with maintaining a Resource Library — formerly, Michigan Graphological Resources.

Microscopes, Infra-Red Photography, Magnifiers, Ultra-Violet lights, Forensic Measuring Plates, a Stereo-Microscope, and special Photo accouterments comprise some of her equipment for technical investigations.

Antonia has worked with and is endorsed by:

  • US Postmaster;
  • State of Michigan Corrections System;
  • State of Michigan Board of Education;
  • State of Michigan Social Services;
  • Wisconsin City Council Members
  • Michigan Police Department Personnel
  • Miami, Florida Customs Agents;
  • National And International Detective Firms

Antonia M. Klekoda-Baker C.D.E. is recommended by EXPERT RESOURCES, an International Experts’ Endorsement Firm in Peoria, Illinois, as a credible, capable Professional in the Field of Forensic Document Examination. Antonia is listed in the Michigan Library Services as the Resource Professional in all matters of Handwriting Identification.

President Gerald R. Ford publicly recognized and encouraged Antonia’s work in Handwriting Analysis.

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