Interesting Cases

Here is a a sample of interesting cases a handwriting analyst works on and how Antonia can help you solve your own document examination dilemma!

1.)Antonia was contacted by a young man whose mother had convinced him to leave her best friend to house-sit his residence while he traveled in Europe for three months. When he returned, he found a family of four living in his home. The house sitter who had a background in real estate and numerous contacts in the title and loan fields had managed a superb mortgage fraud operation. Antonia proved the house-sitter’s forgery and the young man was able to get compensation.

2.) A contractor was hired to build homes in a new community. His backer claimed that his name had been signed to bills that had not been approved. The contractor believed that the backer was attempting to pull out of his responsibilities to the project. Antonia was able to prove that the backer’s name had not been forged and he was the one guilty of a falsified work orders.

3.) A woman’s had left her car title in the glove compartment and her automobile was stolen. When the car was recovered, the thief had written her name on the title and claimed that she had sold the car to him. The woman got her car back when Antonia testified about the bogus car title signature.

4.) A 13-year-old girl was given a state scholarship to a very expensive specialized school that her parents never could have afforded. The girl did not fit in socially and was ostracized by her classmates and teachers to the point of one teacher claiming that the girl had not written her own out of class test and her scholarship should be taken away. Antonia examined the penmanship and sent her results to the State Board of Education.The teacher was relieved of his duties due to his scholarship swindle attempt.

5.) Antonia was visited by a Nigerian citizen who claimed that his friend had been accused of bank embezzlement where he was employed as a teller. In truth , another teller had stolen the money and used part of it to bribe the lawyers to free him. Antonia was given copies of the bank memos and was able to prove the innocence of the accused man who finally was released from jail in Nigeria after two years.

6.) Credit card deception created huge expenses for an elderly woman when her son forged her name to large purchases. The woman did not want to believe that her son was guilty, but Antonia was able to prove otherwise.

7.) Officers of an HOA association each received several personal threatening letters due to an increase in fees for members of the community. The HOA Intimidation became so constant that Antonia was contacted to uncover the writer of the notes who happened to be on the HOA board.

8.) A particular Holographic Will left all of the deceased man’s possessions to one of his four siblings with instructions to exclude the others. Antonia proved the will and signature of the deceased to be genuine — much to the disappointment of the rejected family members.

9.) When two young brothers were incarcerated on a murder charge, a guard at the prison stopped one of the men from flushing a letter down the drain. Antonia was able to prove that the prisoner had written the murderous letter to his younger brother which, in the content, contained his own admission of guilt.