Handwriting Experts and Civil Cases

The expertise of Document Examiners (an interchangeable term with Handwriting Experts) is not confined merely to handling Civil and
Criminal cases, but such involvement extends to personnel problems, security work, and investigations in the business world as well as
rendering assistance to troubled individuals.

Today’s sorry world of real estate opens the door for many unscrupulous persons to forge documents that cause a person’s
home to be sold right under his nose — without his knowledge. A Handwriting Expert is able to determine the bogus writing and the
sale can be stopped by an injunction, or a lawsuit commenced as a result of the findings.

Handwriting Experts are confronted with all kinds of all kinds of penmanship alterations. Nowadays, so many people print that it
takes an experienced Handwriting Expert to provide worthy proofs that a certain individual did the printing.

Each handwriting investigation has a unique requirement and a seasoned Handwriting Expert will have precedent in dealing with the
matter. Check your Handwriting expert’s credentials because the neophyte may not have the proper background to manage serious
printscript questions. The serious field of Handwriting Examination cannot be occupied by frivolous wanna-bes.

The transference of signatures by computer methods can be valid or a crime. A computer specialist often is called in with the
Handwriting Expert to appropriately submit an opinion regarding such a happening. An ethical Handwriting Expert calls for confirmation.

Then there are Palimony claims which often can be justified or eliminated by a proper examination by the Handwriting Expert of all
documents put forth. And, a child custody case might be stopped quickly by the Handwriting Expert checking out the signatures on
necessary forms and save the children and parents from a lot of agony.