Handwriting Experts and the Courtroom

By Antonia M. Klekoda-Baker C.D.E.

A Handwriting Expert only is useful for examining a forgery case insofar as that individual is court qualified. There is no way that a judge can make a fair decision about a forgery case solely on the merits of the plaintiff or defendant having obtained an opinion from some nice person who claims to know a lot about bogus penmanship.

A Handwriting Expert should be able to provide proof of having been court-qualified prior to accepting any money for looking at the case. The unqualified “wanna-be” handwriting examiner might reach a conclusion that is without merit, yet leaves the person who needs the right answer with the idea that it won’t be necessary to hire a qualified Handwriting Expert –even though the other side has done so. Many a time, there can be qualified Handwriting Experts on both sides of the case and their responses are not in agreement. Handwriting Experts may have backgrounds that are dissimilar, but still valid. Yet, it is possible that one of the Handwriting Experts can quote precedent and provide visual aids which will make that individual’s testimony more acceptable to the judge and/or jury. Or, each of the Handwriting Experts may be most persuasive in presenting opposite views which creates a situation whereby the judge has to decide which testimony is more believable. Possibly the judge will not accept either expert’s findings and concentrate on a different aspect of the case.

Hiring a Handwriting Expert with a good track record for court appearances is a worthy investment . The courtroom is not a fun house. Expert Witness Testimony is a serious call and only the qualified seasoned Professional should be depended upon for a courtroom appearance that will be acceptable, accurate, and convincing. I am that person.