Handwriting Experts and Their Fees

By Antonia M. Klekoda-Baker C.D. E.

The first thing a client will ask when there is a need for professional Document Examination is, “How much does it cost?”
The Document Examiner usually uses forensic guidelines to determine the fee.  However, a glance at what other Document Examiners are charging is a good idea so that the costs fall into a perimeter that doesn’t discourage the client  from calling back.
The day is gone when a cup of coffee and a handshake were all it took to get a Document Examiner to give an opinion on a Questioned Signature.
The Document Examiner becomes one with the client in the case whenever a conclusion is rendered on some suspect writing.  Should the case go to court, the Document Examiner is responsible for defending the results of the investigation and telling the judge what fees were paid by the client.
It is up to the judge to decide whether the investigation was legitimate, or just a favor — and, if the results and fee can be substantiated by the background of the Document Examiner and the work involved.
This background of the Document Examiner is the key consideration for the client.  An experienced and seasoned Professional will have a history of  schooling, dues, licensing, and continuing education over some period of time prior to hanging up a shingle — all of which came at a dear price!
Then, there is the regular upkeep for the Document Examiner’s office, materials, internet expenses, advertising, and taxes.  And, in order to stay in the business, a Document Examiner regularly will take on additional research which may or may not be costly.  An ethical professional will be more than willing to discuss the fees and tell you exactly what you will be receiving for services rendered.

Any case usually will require a minimum of four hours to put the report together — if the matter is not complex.   However, Some cases call for extensive lab work which can entail the use of an  ultra-  violet light,  the making of transparencies, developing pictures, and/or taking  infra-red photos.  
And, your Handwriting Expert may have to discuss your case with your attorney or, call in another Handwriting Expert for a conference  on some aspect in your case.  Also, time may be  spent in telephone calls and special research to locate more helpful information about your case from public records. 
So, if you can get a seasoned, experienced, recognized Document Examiner to start  your case for $395 and up — you have struck gold! 
And,  that may be all you have to pay depending upon the nature and extensiveness of your case.  Remember, seek quality in your expert’s   Curriculum Vitae  (resume) and do not be penny-wise and pound foolish in picking the most qualified professional to help you out.

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